In My Mold

In My Mold

Justin Chance
Mona Filleul
Monika Grabuschnigg

Curated by Miriam Bettin

17.09. – 29.10.2022

Opening:  Friday, 16.09.2022, 19-21 h

Galerie Anton Janizewski
Goethestraße 69
10625 Berlin

Under the title In My Mold the three person exhibition brings together works by Justin Chance, Mona Filleul, and Monika Grabuschnigg. Their mainly sculptural practices based on the everyday are characterized by processes of molding and/or modifying/covering objects of daily use. Familiar and yet alien at the same time, things are combined in unexpected ways to create uncanny feelings.
The show circles around the thin line and the tipping point between celebration, intimacy, seduction, and the morbid, grotesque, and melancholic of the private realm.
The title does not only refer to the artistic practices but is also a description of a condition in which one cannot get out of one’s own skin or, in the broader literal sense, is stuck in mold.

But I’m here in my mold
I am here in my mold